Have a small area of your yard you’d like to add a unique path, but don’t want to use pavers or stone? Consider using pallet wood like funky junk interiors did.

Here’s the before shot, needs just a little bit of love, don’t you think?

Pallet Wood Walk Garden

After repositioning the boards and setting them back where they belong along with a bit of a photography trick to make the image look more finished, whalla! Pretty spiffy looking walking path for the garden, which can be done for quite cheap

Pallet Wood Path Funky Junk

Pallet Wood Garden Walkway

My only concern about having a pallet wood garden path would be that over time it will most likely rot. If you can get the boards cheap and don’t mind replacing them every so often it’s probably not a bad idea, but if you don’t like to spend a lot of time in the garden, perhaps stone would be a better bet?

This idea came from funky junk interiors. She provides more explanation and a bunch more photos in her post, you should check it out.

It’s always nice when you see something with pallet wood that you’ve never seen before. Sure there are the standard pallet coffee tables and book cases, but when people get a bit more creative using simple pieces of wood, that’s what I really enjoy. Today I stumbled on a very simple to do decoration using pallet wood as a star. I could see this being used during the holidays if you decided to paint it and maybe add a few more accessories to liven it up, but one pallet alone has enough wood to make it.

With only five little wood planks you can make yourself a conversation piece for your home or office. Or you could simply buy it directly from the etsy seller where I saw this original idea.

Wood Pallet Star Wall Art Decor

Wood Star Decor

Have you made any stars or other unique shapes from pallet wood? If you have, please share your pallet project with others on the pallet furniture blog.

There have been a lot of cool pallet coffee tables shared her on the pallet furniture blog, but when making my own I became stuck with one simple question in my mind. Do I make the top match in wood grain, stain color, and size? Or do I make them different, creating a bit more of an eclectic vibe and show the many unique pieces of wood that pallets have to offer.

You can see an example of each in the images below. The first is what you often see more of. Matching, and a bit more finished looking, while the second image is a bit more wild and definitely has personality.

Nice Pallet Coffee Table

Checkered Pallet Coffee Table

Which do you prefer. The more formal matching pallet coffee table top, or the more artistic display of different grains, stains, and sizes?

Personally, I decided to go with the matching… it just fit better with the overall feel of the room and the rest of the furniture.

When searching for more inspiration via craigslist, I stumbled upon a metal frame industrial pallet coffee table design in the Wisconsin listings. I’m unsure where the designer sources his metal or if any welding is needed, but the overall design creates a very urban vibe. The metal frame consists of lips that allow the pallet wood to simply be rested on top (or so it looks). This means you could most likely easily replace the pallet wood if it ever became damaged or stained.

Check out the pictures of this unique industrial pallet style coffee table.

Industrial Coffee Table Pallet Made

Industrial Urban Pallet Tables Coffee

Industrial Pallet Table

The post on craigslist read:

“Industrial-chic pallet table. Have assorted finishes and can be stained to your color choice. Can be used outdoors as well, great for the patio! They are heavy, so available for local sale. $99. Seller can transport for an additional fee (within reasonable radius), however, will not unload. Dimensions are 33″ X 33″ X 14″ H. Also have a longer, rectangular size (dimensions: 48 X 30 X 8 for $125).

If interested, call Randy at 262-251-8630 during the day or 262-370-0173 after business hours.”

A tastefully done Pottery Barn style benchwright table is the theme of today’s post. The sellers have created a similar style table to what you can find for twice the price at Pottery Barn. Sofa tables are one of my favorite pallet furniture creations, and this one definitely has a bit of personality. I found this particular piece online for sale, and the sellers write the following:

“This is a hand built Rustic\Primitive Console table. Made out of reclaimed wood. Similar item at Potterybarn is 799.99!!!

Our unit is $400.00 and is described below:

65″ wide x 15″ deep x 32” high
Features two drawers over an open shelf.
Painted Zen blue , Distressed by hand, and has a dark walnut stain on top and drawers under the paint.
Bronze Hardware
Satin polyurethane for indoor outdoor use

The hardware and design are all very tasteful and make me feel like I’m at a craft fair getting ready to buy an item that was actually in an old farmhouse. The last picture below also shows a bit of detail in the numbering / lettering added to one of the main legs to give it just a tad more character.

Learn more about this piece and it’s creators over at Junc 2 funkt.

Pottery Barn Sofa Table Knockoff

Pottery Barn Copy Table

Benchwright Pallet Table

Farmhouse Sofa Table

Pallet Sofa Table

Blue Rustic Sofa Table

Farmhouse Blue Table

Reclaimed Wood Teal Table

Like yesterdays post about a pallet TV stand found on craigslist, I happened to stumble on this treasure, via craigslist. It’s an incredibly well done chest with great color and fine finishes. The description online read:

“Participate in green ecology with this country decor cabinet newly constructed from lumber reclaimed from wood pallets. Cabinet is 36″ long, 20″ deep, 26” high and is finished with Minwax Early American stain and satin luster polyurethane. Natural characteristics of sawmill kerf markings, nail holes or nail heads, and other irregularities in the various types of wood common to reclaimed pallet lumber adds to the cabinet’s charm.

We are located in Waldorf, MD, about 25 miles south of Washington, D.C. No shipping. Prefer local pickup. Delivery to the immediate area or to Bolling AFB could possibly be arranged. The cabinet was created with care and quality.

reclaimed wood chest

upcycled wood chest

pallet wood chest

reclaimed pallet chest

country decor cabinet chest

The post is no longer live so I do not have any contact information regarding this particular chest. If I find more information about it, I will update this post. Either way, it’s a great idea for a pallet project if you’re handy.

This pallet TV stand is essentially six pallets stacked on each other. With one side of the pallet having it’s planks removed it’s then flipped over onto another pallet also missing a row of planks, which allows for a wider storage area. This project does look a bit rough, and the use of screw strips for tying it together helps, but I wonder how sturdy it actually is, unless there was gluing or some nails or screws connecting besides the screw strips.

The height and width of the openings does seem to work pretty nicely with the baskets that they were using for storage in their pallet TV stand. I scooped up this idea from craigslist, and the posting has expired so I don’t have a link to share with you.

If you’re not up for the usual pallet coffee table design, the cube or crate style design might be for you. If you’re familiar with how to make basic crates out of pallets, all you have to do is repeat four times over, connect them and whalla! Crate pallet coffee table.

If you’re not so inclined to building your own you could find some sellers online such as this one who will gladly sell you one that looks like the picture below.

Cube Pallet Coffee Table

They referred to it as an “R cube”, which I hadn’t heard of before. They also decided to paint the insides and leave the exterior unpainted, which gave it a unique look, and day at the beach look.

Crate Pallet Coffee Table

There’s another store selling nearly the same thing, but this one comes on casters and has just a slightly different style. They decided to go with rough finished stain as well.

Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels Crate

If you’re interested in this particular crate pallet coffee table, check out their etsy store

The crate style coffee table seems to be better at storage or displaying items. It seems like a really good fit if you are in need of book storage as well. Also if you have a vertical centerpiece of accent of your home decor, the open middle would allow you to place it there as well.

I’ve seen a lot of art designs for pallets, but drawing a horizontal skyline on a pallet is a first for me, so I decided to share it. With a backdrop that costs zero dollars, what artist wouldn’t love drawing on reclaimed wood. The particular artists who had the talent to paint these hail from Tennessee, but they might just draw your skyline too if interested. Otherwise if you’re patient enough and could find a skyline stencil (might want to Google search that), you could probably at least get the silhouette painting looking pretty good.

knoxville skyline art

pallet wood skyline

reclaimed wood painting wall decor

If you’re more interested in purchasing a skyline wall art piece direct from the seller, you can find these babies over on etsy.

I just stumbled on a great blog post over at the thinking closet about how to build your own pallet headboard. Usually blog posts of these types have a few pictures, possibly a plan or two, and the final result, but lack in detail, but boy was I impressed when I stumbled on their beast of an article. With over 33 images (and a gif from instagram) along with a massive 2,000+ word detailed post, I highly recommend taking a look see if you’re interested in building a pallet headboard that looks great, is doable for beginners, and will save you heaps of money versus going out and buying the alternative.

Here are just a few of the many images in their great blog post about their experience building their own pallet headboard.





Pretty snassy huh? The distressed word worked great with their nautical theme and definitely isn’t overused, unlike my house, which seems to have pallet furniture for almost every piece.

If you’re interested in following along to build your own or to get a few more ideas, check out the headboard post over at thinking closet.